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Managing Director

Incorporated in 1982, Joffren Omar Company Sendirian Berhad is a Brunei bumiputera company wholly owned and managed by Bruneians. As a sales and services company we offer innovative solutions to our customers and consistently deliver outstanding results. Our success is driven by our employees who dedicate themselves to making a difference, each contributing with their unique skills and experiences.

The company has developed to become one of the leading material suppliers and services contractors. Expansion and growth of business in the 80s and early 90s were met by an increase in manpower and expanded organization, upgrading and acquiring of new facilities and equipment.

From 1992 onwards we have been exercising greater control, monitoring and review of business strategies to suit the changing environment, and embarking on diversification of the organizations business activities. Targeted markets are clearly identified in order to capitalize on the organizations strength and resources.

Industry today is undergoing further changes. To adapt and continue growing, we have branched out and ventured into training and information technology sectors. The Learning & Development Training Centre, which we started in 2008, is well equipped and boasts accreditations from several internationally recognized institutions. Similarly our IT and media department is beginning to develop business opportunities in a highly competitive environment.

I am tremendously proud of our people and their achievements and invite you to learn more about Joffren Omar Company through the company profile.


Pg Md Noor Joffren Pg Omar
Managing Director

Lot 47-48, Sg Bera Light Industrial Area,
Seria KB1933,
Negara Brunei Darussalam.
P.O.Box 285, Seria KB1190,
Negara Brunei Darussalam.

Telephone:(673) 3222183
FAX:(673) 3227200